How'd you meet!

On the internet
299 (44.4%)
Not actually on the internet, but through the internet
91 (13.5%)
At a bar
54 (8%)
At University
40 (5.9%)
At work
38 (5.6%)
At camp
13 (1.9%)
Through friends
54 (8%)
Through family
14 (2.1%)
As penpals!
13 (1.9%)
58 (8.6%)

Total Members Voted: 606

Author Topic: How Did It All Begin??  (Read 59967 times)

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Re: How Did It All Begin??
« Reply #285 on: March 14, 2016, 11:08:36 AM »
For me:

1. I found a computer-related problem that I needed solving, solved it and posted the results on the Internet.
2. A person also in the UK contacted me about it, we became email-friends
3. My email-friend found an online chat system called BayMOO, hosted in San Francisco and he invited me to join
4. We chatted on there for several months. There were hundreds of people and general chaos. Text-based only back in 1996.

For her:

1. She was diagnosed with an illness
2. The illness kept her off work and stuck at home, bored
3. A friend told her a way to meet new people online, called BayMOO...
4. She chatted on there to random strangers for several months.

Among the text-based chaos we bumped into each other and started chatting. Back then the main problem was lag... you would be typing away and then the internet would slow down and it would take two minutes for your words to cross the world. This happened a lot. The fun of a slow uni connection and 57.6k modems at home.

So it all started with an illness and a problem!

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Re: How Did It All Begin??
« Reply #286 on: January 13, 2017, 01:55:53 AM »
Like most people seem to say we met online. And I hate to admit where, but hey I met Craig there so it's all good right? Anyways we met online about 7 years ago on a computer game called IMVU.

We hit it off immediately and became really good friends, so much so that we added each other on Facebook. And then we both left the game and besides a message every so often we fully lost touch.

Then my sister and I decided to do a tour of Scotland about 3 years ago. Craig found out and insisted that we finally meet up. I was worried. There was always a chance he would end up being some kind of serial killer after all. However my sister insisted as well, so I had to agree.

To exactly one hour, in a public location, with my sister there to make sure I didn't get murdered.

My sister says my face instantly lit up when I saw him. We both knew immediately it was meant to be. And yet I still insisted we leave after that one hour, even after having an amazing time.

I headed back to Scotland myself a few months later, meeting up and staying with this man I barely knew but knew I was meant to be with. It was the scariest trip of my life. But we have exchanged trips ever since, we got married, and now I'm moving there.