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Just here to introduce myself
« on: January 23, 2017, 02:13:02 AM »
Hi there! Was interested in joining this forum as hubby and myself have talked about moving to the UK as a long term plan. We have a daughter (7) and we are in our early 30's. We'd love for her to experience another culture and country. We've always talked about going back to the "motherland", even as teens ;D. I'm Irish Welsh and my husband is Irish Italian.

 We are waiting until my husband has more experience in his field (finance) before we consider the possibility of transferring overseas (if it works out). His company (Vanguard) has a headquarters in London. I'm a former pastry chef for the Waldorf Astoria myself but now stay at home as we home school our daughter. I'm not considering going back to work anytime soon so wouldn't worry about that if we did transfer.

Anyways I just wanted to say hello and not creep around and lurk lol. I've been looking at peoples experiences and trying to learn what everyone is going through as they trek through their journey of ex-patting.
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