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Does anyone know a registry that will easily allow our friends in the US and the UK log on and send gifts without costing a fortune in shipping? I was thinking Amazon might offer something like this. Any experiences?

Thanks for the info! x

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Yeah, it looks like Amazon does this.
There is a "your lists" icon next to your basket. Has wedding list in there.  :)

Just tell your US people to order from the site then there will be no customs dues to pay either.  :)
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You can literally set up a wedding registry on You can even include items not listed on Amazon on it. It's really cool. We (my husband and I) set one up back in 2014 when we got married. You can even specify if you want more than one something.
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Definitely Amazon UK. I've got mine set up through there.  And since Amazon US and Amazon UK are separate, they can sign up for a free Prime 30 day trial to get the free shipping even if they have Prime in the US.

Also, Amazon US gift cards do not work on the Amazon UK site.

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