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Green thumbed folks, gardeners and grow your own
« on: March 10, 2017, 03:18:18 PM »
We've had a few old threads about gardening, but haven't had any in a wee while. 

Anyone here into gardening?

I have both a small allotment and a well kitted out home garden with soon to have 12 (currently have 10) raised beds, a greenhouse, compost bins (traditional and bokashi), fruit trees and chickens.  I am planning on making flower bed in the front and side of the house and all along the fence for climbers, which will all need to be done this year (house was built in 2015, so we're making lots of progress)  I've got barrels for flowers as well.  Also planning on making a womery soon.     

Allotment currently has the last brussels and flower sprouts ready and spring cabbages and kale are coming into their own now. 

I have potatoes chitting on the countertop and onions and garlic very happily growing in trays in the greenhouse for transplanting soon.  Getting ready for more seed sowing as well. Electric propagators and grow lights are fabulous things.   

We've not actually had luck with kitchen windowsill herbs (think its the light in the kitchen) but we are going to keep on trying, as we use loads. 

I also have houseplants. 

Who has a green thumb?
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