Author Topic: Hello! New and hopefully in England in the future!  (Read 366 times)

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Hello! New and hopefully in England in the future!
« on: March 13, 2017, 02:30:55 AM »
Hello everyone,
I'm thrilled to find this site - what a great resource. I guess I was first someone who was in love with the UK from a very young age. As I've read many here say, I always felt I belonged there. For me, it was England (and Ireland).  I grew up knowing I'd live there one day. I visited at the ages of 18, 27 and 28.
Life happened, however, and now, at the age of 38, I am realizing that my current life is not where I am supposed to be. I will most likely be making a major transition in my life in the near future and in a few years' time, with luck and your help, I will have what I need to get a visa and live in England.
There is a wonderful man I have met (yes, online, like so many here) and we are beginning a phenomenal relationship that I am very excited about.
There are complicated loose ends on my end (in the midwest United States) and this will likely be a long journey. We're okay with that.

I'd say as of right now my biggest questions are related to visas, health care since I am on Social Security Disability Income (but work part-time), what the red tape is for visiting and then living in terms of having a fiancee or husband as a British citizen, and overall life in the UK as an expat.

Even if I wasn't hoping to move there in the next few years, I would still love reading your stories and answers because of how much and long I have dreamt of doing this.

I wish you all much peace and happiness.
Currently (2017) in new LDR with man in Liverpool area, I'm from Midwestern USA. Need info on visa, health concerns and SSDI info as I move to UK, as well as time line in terms of UK officials believing my LDR.

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Re: Hello! New and hopefully in England in the future!
« Reply #1 on: March 13, 2017, 08:50:34 AM »

The biggest hurdles are simply meeting the financial requirements for the visa and the cost of the visas themselves.  Nothing that most aren't able to overcome though.   :)