Author Topic: EEA Family Permit, UK residency and university  (Read 163 times)

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EEA Family Permit, UK residency and university
« on: March 18, 2017, 12:42:02 AM »
We're an American family; my husband has dual citizenship (American/Irish) through ancestry.  We're in the process of applying for EEA Family Permits so we can relocate to the UK in August.  My daughter will be attending Colchester Sixth Form College next year, in the IB diploma programme.  It is her dream to attend university in the UK, if possible.

I would love to learn more about what options may be available to her as an American legally residing in the UK (she'd have two years residing in the UK when she finishes up the IB diploma).  In particular, could she (we) access FAFSA to pay for tuition at a UK university?  If she took a gap year after finishing up the IB diploma, would that 3rd year give her "home student" status?  If so, would she have to take the gap year in the UK?  Are there any scholarships she could apply for (either in the UK or the USA)?


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