Author Topic: Working remotely for US company while legally able to work in the UK  (Read 155 times)

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Hi Guys, just throwing one more out there - we are leaving for the UK in two days, our stuff is already destined for the slow boat out of Long Beach.... we are frazzled, tired, and ready to be gone.

My current employer has had a hard time finding a replacement for me. They want to hire me back on a "temporary recall" appointment for a few hours a week later this summer to work remotely. I am coming in on an EU/Irish visa, so am considered "settled" on the Irish part or legally there on the EU part - since we're bringing my daughter in on an EU-dependent visa I believe I'm having to go the "EU" route on this.  So, I'm seeing lots of discussion about working remotely while on a visitor's visa being no bueno.  Can I legally work in the UK for a US company, remotely, while on my EU passport?   

They would pay direct deposit into my US bank account.  I assume I'd have to report it to Her Majesty's R&C people are income earned in the UK, but would I be running afoul of any other rules?  We can't consider doing this until August, and it would be for less than 20 hours a week at the most. If we can manage it, I'd love to do it for the extra bucks.

Would it also then cause me to be considered as employed enough to qualify as a worker, or would there be too few hours involved?   Hope to be able to log in tomorrow to see if anyone has responded, then they're cutting the internet off and we're in limbo until we are set up at the other end.  Thanks in advance! - N ;D

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Re: Working remotely for US company while legally able to work in the UK
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This should be fine. You will probably have to register as a sole trader in the UK, but as long as you have permission to work here remote work is allowed.
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