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Topic: Expired kids' passports (8 months ago): Apply from scratch? Or renewals allowed?  (Read 1808 times)

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My kids' US passports expired 8 months ago. Online it looks like for children, renewals are the same as applying from scratch. And no mention of what to do for expired kids passports. Either way we have to go to embassy, right?

Somewhere here on the forum I read one can renew an expired passport up to 6 months later; but couldnt find any evidence that was accurate. And we are 8 months past.

So my Qs are:
*Is applying from scratch the same as renewal for kids? Applying from scratch seems only avail when a kid is born. The renewal page:
*It looks like online renewal is not happening anymore. Is that right? (It looks like I sort of fill something out online then print it?)
*So do I have to print out a photo at a photo shop and bring it in? Or is there still at least a facility to upload the photo online? (As there is still a photo tool on their website)


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