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Topic: FLR Checklist  (Read 649 times)

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FLR Checklist
« on: October 17, 2023, 06:18:03 PM »
Hey everyone!
Back again prepping for FLR renewal which the expiration date is the 27th of February. I am reaching out to get a checklist of everything we need to have gathered for when we renew my FLR to make sure nothings missing.
Here's what I have so far apart from the basics like passports and biometric cards:

Letters just about every month with my name on it, she also have similar letters with her name on it (including letters from NHS, bill companies and miscellaneous.)

I have worked as a TA for about a year and half and in February got a contract for permanent full time employee at the school. So I have paystubs, letters for both the offer and passing the probation period which happened a few weeks ago. Do I need anything else from my job?

Recently opened a UK bank account but use revolut BC its just we easier

In the first place we lived in we have our name on the council tax bill
But the place we are currently living as lodgees and the landlord live with us so he can provide a letter of proof that we've been living there and together. Also, my name is on the electric bill.

We have proof we've been together for the last 2 years plus.

I also have my NHS number, and even got surgery here in the UK (and my wife's name is on surgery paper as next to kin.)

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