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Topic: Advice: Best Strategy  (Read 1374 times)

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Advice: Best Strategy
« on: July 17, 2003, 03:19:22 AM »
I'm wondering what would be my best strategy for emigrating to the UK. My sweetie, a social worker, has received some enquiries to his on-line resume asking if he would be interested in working in the UK. This site confirmed that social workers were in high demand in the UK. But my best strategy is not clear.  I have a Ph.D. in biochemistry and biological scientists and could probably fulfill the 75 points for special qualifications.  But I don't really want to work as a scientist. I went back to school in 2001-2002 and got a degree in textile design, and recently I've been earning my living about half and half by editing and proofreading science books and designing. The designing  is what I really want to do, and in fact, I already have a relationship with a British company throuugh their New York office.  I do designs on speculation, and they represent me at European trade shows, but I don't think they'd hire me full time to work in England. I see that artists can also come if they can prove they would be able to support themselves. With all these skills and experiences, I'm pretty sure I could earn a living, even freelancing, if companies could legally commission me.  Should I come in under the 75 points as a scientist, get the equivalent of a green card, and then switch what I do?  Or come in as an artist? Or what?  Any advice?  Thanks.


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