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Topic: Getting a job with American qualifications  (Read 3932 times)

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Re: Getting a job with American qualifications
« Reply #15 on: August 06, 2003, 03:05:53 PM »
I've found it really hard, myself!  I have a BA in French from the University of Texas at Austin with triple minors in Spanish, Portuguese, and Biology.  Not only can I speak all three of those languages, I can read Italian pretty well, Catalan very well, and Romanian so-so.  I also speak a little bit of Russian, a bit of Polish, a bit of Swedish, and a bit of Arabic.  When I moved here I had 3 years of experience in the I.T. field and I'd been in a senior role for a year.  At my last company, I worked on major e-business sites for Dell, USAA, FAO Schwarz, Iron Rhino, and American Airlines.  Did that mean jack squat to recruiters here?  No.  When I left Texas, I was 25 years old making $60k a year and turned down a promotion and $20k raise to move to England.  My first job here was with Norwich Union in York where I was offered 20k (pounds).  I managed to get them up to 23k, but what an insult!  I was expecting a BIT of a pay cut, but SHEESH!  My colleagues treated me like I was an idiot and my boss just sat at his desk picking his nose all day.  I lasted 9 months before I quit.

At this job I make a bit more...not a lot more...and I get to drive all the way from York to Harrogate and back again each day, which wipes out any raise in salary I got.  I have a co-worker here who is 53 (I'm 28) who has the same job title as I do who thinks she can boss me around.  Most of my colleagues are incompetent or lazy (or both) and some of them are just plain dangerous.  There's a few guys who tell sexist jokes all day long...sexist jokes regularly appear in our company news letter...and I've never worked with a more foul-mouthed bunch of people.  I'm not afraid of swearing, but gawd...you don't have to accentuate every single declarative statement with the F word!

Back home I never had to put up with this kind of stuff.  The kind of jobs I SHOULD be getting...the kind of jobs I WAS doing in the U.S....are closed to me.  Maybe it's because I'm American.  Maybe it's because I'm a woman.  Maybe it's because Yorkshire is full of puerile, rural-minded a$$holes.  I don't know what it is, but I don't like it!

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Re: Getting a job with American qualifications
« Reply #16 on: August 06, 2003, 05:13:23 PM »
Stacey, I'm sorry you're having such a hard time.  You are so talented.  It must be so difficult to lower your standards.  Did you do any research before you went to the UK about what jobs were available and the salaries?  From what I understand I'll be lucky to make 12K (pounds) a year.  That would be a good salary for my experience.  But I don't have the kind of experience you have.  I don't speak many languages etc.  So I can even take a receptionist job and be fine with it.  Would moving to a larger city help?   What about the Embassy or universities?  I bet you've already thought of these.  I wish I had more constructive things to say.  My heart goes out to you (((((((Stacey)))))))) hope things improve.  Hang in there.
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Re: Getting a job with American qualifications
« Reply #17 on: August 06, 2003, 05:28:04 PM »
I don't mean to be a smarta$$ but maybe it's just because you moved from a rather established good-sized city to a small place in a country that doesn't have the types of jobs you expect to get?  York is a good sized town in UK standards, but it is pretty small compared to some US places.

Horrible that you're having to put up with all that stuff in the workplace tho...there's NO excuse for that sort of behavior and conditions.  

Have you looked into getting jobs in London?  There might be more in your field and skill level here.

Really hope things get better for you.  Sounds like a job from hell to me!!!

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Re: Getting a job with American qualifications
« Reply #18 on: August 12, 2003, 02:47:47 PM »
I don't want to sound like I am putting the North down, but Stacey, I think you may be finding trouble because you are in the North. Before my hubby and I moved to London we were living w/ his parents outside of Sheffield. And while most people were the nicest I've ever met, alot of them have NEVER left the North of England and I did get the few gems who would actually say they hated Americans to my face. People who have never BEEN to America. I imagine that those who are running the businesses up there, unless it's an international company, may treat you the same. The people at work who think they can boss you around will think "new girl + young girl + American = low on the totem pole."

I have heard good things about the growing industry in Leeds--that's not too far from York for you, is it?

As for my job search, I have 7 years experience in publishing, I've been a manager in the top literary publisher in New York, and I've been looking for a job for 3 months with not even an interview. I don't really care what I do as long as I can contribute to running the house and paying the bills, but Geezum Crow! Anyone have any temp agencies to recommend (not nec. for publishing)? I looked up one mentioned earlier but it seemed to be an American company...

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Re: Getting a job with American qualifications
« Reply #19 on: August 12, 2003, 11:21:29 PM »
Oh, (and please don't take this the wrong way) but l am so glad you are having problems getting jobs too! I was beginning to think it was me! I have applied for everything under the sun, and nothing! l finally went with this training place called Wade Training. It is suppose to help you get back into the work force. Fine, l get a placement with them, earn £4.20/hr, 35 hours a week! Fine it's money right? This program is actually for people who are either returning to the work force after numerous years off and or people who are just entering the workforce, ie 16 yr olds. They teach you how to get jobs, and learn skills!

My work experience is full of different jobs and skills l have learned. But for some strange reason no one wants to hire me either! This job l have now is done Sept 20, no chance for renewal either. So then l am back out looking again! I have been applying and interviewing and no one is biting!  :-/

Good Luck to all of us!!

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Re: Getting a job with American qualifications
« Reply #20 on: August 13, 2003, 05:06:13 PM »
Just as an update, I did get offered this job but it took a week for me to get my offer letter and it took my husband to go pick it up for me. (we're going to be working at the same company but in different areas) I tried to call them to get my start date sorted and to let them know that I have holiday booked but the HR manager hasnt gotten back to me yet. They cant just offer me a job and then leave me in the lurch, can they? Curses!
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