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Topic: GRIEVANCES GUIDELINES: Please read before posting  (Read 16635 times)

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GRIEVANCES GUIDELINES: Please read before posting
« on: August 13, 2005, 05:08:09 PM »
Welcome to Grievances!

The Grievances board is place to vent about those annoying day-to-day things that get under your skin. Did your boss assume you would stay late when you had other plans? Did your other half leave their dirty socks on the floor again? Experience poor customer service? Get it off your chest; you'll feel better!

Since we have so many new members, we should point out that there are certain topics that are not suitable for Grievances. They are:

  • Topics devoted to personal problems with or attacks on other forum members. These types of issues must be resolved in private, using the Private Message (PM) feature.
  • As a platform to disagree with or discuss moderator or administrative decisions. Address these issues in PMs with the moderator concerned or with Leah who is the site owner.
  • As a place to revive topics that have been removed, edited or locked.  If a topic has been removed, edited or locked, it is because there was a problem and reviving it may only further inflame the situation.

We've been going through a bit of a bumpy time recently and in order to contain some of the chaos, topics matching the above will be deleted.

Happy venting, peeps!
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