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Topic: [MERGED] Flying transatlantic with a toddler (Was The Big Trip ...)  (Read 36952 times)

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Re: [MERGED] Flying transatlantic with a toddler (Was The Big Trip ...)
« Reply #90 on: January 19, 2012, 01:21:59 PM »
I don't know about all of you, but I have a kid who LOVES to get down and run around. I don't want to just let him run free on the plane. So here's my story with a bit of advice.

I flew back to the States in November with my then 17 month old son and my mom (she came to visit us, then we flew back with her for Thanksgiving..my husband couldn't go because of work). We requested bulkhead seats at the airport, but they said unfortunately they couldn't give us those because there were couples with little babies who were going to be using the bassinets that only work in the bulkhead seats. We ended up in the row behind the bulkhead seats, which are just like all the other rows in the way of leg space (AKA there is none!). This ended up being an excellent thing. The reason for that was we sat down with my son in the seat between us. He had a seat to himself and no car seat or anything. I had a backpack I was using as a diaper bag because I just figured it would be easier carrying a backpack around the airport instead of a diaper bag. I put the backpack on the floor in front of my son's seat and because of that, he never realized he could get down. I didn't have to worry about the constant struggle of him trying to get out of his seat and take off down the aisle. It was brilliant! So I suggest if you have an equally adventurous kid, you could try that, make sure you get a regular seat and put a bag down in front so they don't realize they can escape. On our return flight it was just my son and I and we had seats on the side aisle, I put him in the window seat and myself in the aisle seat and did the same thing with the backpack on the floor. Worked then too!

Also, I purchased a CARES harness after reading about them on here and researching them on other sites. I have to say it was the biggest waste of money. My son kept slipping out of the bottom and in order to get it tight enough to actually be snug against him, he was nearly being choked by the clasp on it. He also could very easily unbuckle the airplane seat belt so he just kept doing that. I tried it for the first bit of the flight and then I ended up stowing it in my bag and I never got it out again. He actually did better with just the airplane seat belt, once he understood that he wasn't to unbuckle it!

Good luck. This was our second flight to America and I hated it both times. The upside is that it's only 8 hours, so you know it won't last forever, but there really was not anything fun about it in my opinion.

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Re: [MERGED] Flying transatlantic with a toddler (Was The Big Trip ...)
« Reply #91 on: January 19, 2012, 04:17:47 PM »
I just got back from flying with my 3.5 yo and 23 month old by myself.  I didn't do the backpack trick but didn't let them out of the aisle unless it was for a trip to the potty then it was there and back as fast as we could.  Both saw other kids walking up and down but didn't realize that they could get out too.  We just moved over in Oct and I did the same thing then by myself and it worked. 

My advice would be to not let them on to things like that if at all possible and let them figure stuff like that on their own.  It may not work forever but you might get a few hours.

Re: [MERGED] Flying transatlantic with a toddler (Was The Big Trip ...)
« Reply #92 on: April 15, 2014, 10:03:57 PM »
I always book nighttime longhaul flights with my little one. I take all a lot of the above mentioned as well. Ziplocks are great too for the mass amounts or garbage, dirty yogurt pots, dirty wipes etc. I take my baby carrier for him to sleep in. surprisingly, he and i both get a better sleep when hes strapped to my front and im not holding him. she also wont fall off the seat if im asleep etc. so for me carrier is a must. I also have a Macpac back pack which is an awesome baby carrier back pack which is one of the only ones allowed as carry on. We use it so daddy can pace the isle way with him if he cant sleep well. Lastly, copious amounts of infant Benadryl!!! Makes them sleepy and stock up when you're home!!!

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Re: [MERGED] Flying transatlantic with a toddler (Was The Big Trip ...)
« Reply #93 on: August 29, 2014, 02:34:51 PM »
Lots of great advice on this thread. Thanks!

One thing that I haven't seen mentioned is that if you are flying into the states from the UK with an under 2 child, you may find it prudent to bring a car seat if you plan on taking a cab from the airport to wherever you are going. This is especially true if you fly into the NYC airports or any other major city. Cabbies won't drive with an under 2 in your lap and you may find that after a grueling 7-8 hour flight, you have to then take public transportation and haul all of your luggage and your little one on a bus/metro/subway what have you.

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