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Topic: Regarding Bans  (Read 6084 times)

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Regarding Bans
« on: June 30, 2009, 10:49:49 AM »
We deal with bans discreetly. We're not going to start posting about every ban and the reasons why. In some instances users could be found by existing/future employers and having ban reasons posted could cause repercussions on their real life. It's up to the banned user if they wish to share it with their friends. Announcements and posts to stir will be removed and a warning issued. Take it to your facebook or blog.

Bans have always been a last resort, and usually after months (or years) of dealing with problems they're causing in the forum, there comes a point when enough is enough. Keep in mind that a lot goes on that you don't know about, such as abusive pm's to staff/admin or posts deleted/edited before you've even seen them.

Permanent bans are final.

Lobbying for your friend's reinstatement here is not allowed. Petitions on other social networks is pointless but amusing. (Petitions will only be read by the staff with the member signatories providing full addresses and granting permission to stand outside of their home daily with an offensive sign and to babble obscenities and nonsense at residents, visitors and passersby.)

In the future, problem users will likely be banned sooner than later as that is the lesson we've learnt.

The average member does not need to worry about being banned for no reason, because we do not ban for no reason. We do not ban for not liking someone. There are many members I disagree with passionately, liking them has no bearing on it, they're still here and active helpful members. It all comes down to being respectful in disagreement. We're all human, we all make mistakes, we're all having recession stress, and we take this into consideration as well. It is repeat problems, repeat issues, repeated warnings that one would have to worry about.

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