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Supporting letter for Settlement Visa
« on: July 12, 2010, 11:27:09 PM »
Using the template that I've seen linked to on here a couple of times, I've been writing a covering letter that my wife can include with her visa application... you know the sort, "I'm pleased to sponsor, etc etc". I know this is a bit long, but if anyone does have the time to read this and give me their thoughts, I know it'd be much appreciated :).


To the Entry Clearance Officer:

I am pleased to sponsor (My wife)'s application for settlement on the basis of marriage.

I am a British citizen and have been living in the UK continuously since my birth. I am employed as a software engineer at (Company name) at an annual salary of GBP £xx,xxx per year and have held this position since September 2000.

Following an internet prelude, which began in early May 2008 on (website).com, (My wife) and I first met in person when I visited her at her home state of New Hampshire for ten days in October 2008. We holidayed together as a couple, went sightseeing and she introduced me to a number of her family and friends at social gatherings such as meals at the family home, an evening out bowling, etc. She visited me in March 2009 for ten days, when I introduced her to my family and friends and we went sightseeing around the UK. Her family then invited me to stay with them at the family holiday home near Lake Winnipesaukee, NH during their week there in August 2009. It was during that week that I asked (My wife) to marry me and she accepted. Since then we have taken holiday together as a couple on three more occasions; once in the UK, twice in the US. On my last visit to the US, in June 2010, we were married at a ceremony in Sandown, NH, attended by approx. 95 members of her family or friends of the family. Accompanying me were my mother (name), her partner (name) and my brother (name), who was my Best Man.

Between these visits, we have stayed in contact via daily emails and almost every evening we have AOL Instant Messenger conversations, which last on average about two to three hours though regularly go on much longer than that. We exchange SMS text messages via our mobile/cell phones several times a week, talk on the phone about once or twice a month (or daily, if either of us cannot access the internet for some reason) and from time to time on Skype.

Neither of us had been married prior to our marriage to each other and neither of us have any dependents.

Because I am more established in my work and have built up some savings behind me during my time in employment, we have opted to settle in the UK. This decision has the support of both sides of our family. In addition to my work, (My wife) intends to supplement our household income by seeking employment once she arrives in the UK. She currently works as a deputy manager at a (well-known retail) store, where she has worked for almost five years. (My wife) also recently completed a college course in massage therapy. She has been working on her Curriculum Vitae, which I can send, along with a covering letter, to some recruitment agencies in the local area for feedback, once it is finished.

Our marital home in the UK will be my current residence at (Address). This is a three bedroom house which I started renting in June 2010, specifically with the view to it becoming our home. Prior to applying for it, I took videos and photos of the house and surrounding area to show (My wife) for her views. A friend of mine and his fiancée, whom (My wife) has spent some time with on both her previous visits to the UK, recently moved to the same area and my mum and brother live about a ten minute drive away, so we will be close to the other people she already knows over here. I am the sole occupant on the lease currently, but the rental agency have been informed of our situation and have agreed to change the details to add (My wife) to it once we're living together. I have ensured that I have adequate annual leave remaining from my holiday quota at work to take time off when (My wife) first arrives to help her get settled.

Following the instructions on your web site, I have attached the following documents in support of (My wife)'s application:

(The usual items and then a few bullet points to clarify a few things, etc).

The other required supporting material will be provided by (My wife). I hope you find these materials satisfactory and can proceed with issuing (My wife)'s entry clearance upon receipt of her application and supporting materials.

Of course, if you require any further information, please let either of us know and we'll be happy to help. Thank you.

Kind regards,

(My name).

Thank you for reading this far! Any thoughts? :)

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Re: Supporting letter for Settlement Visa
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2010, 11:42:11 PM »
Curb the natural instinct that everyone has to provide too much information; that's my advice  ;)

Seriously, the letter just has to say that you support the application and give a bit of info about your relationship and your plans.  You don't really need the stuff about staying in contact or the explanation for why you want your wife to move to the UK, or all that stuff about the house.  I think my husband's was about half the length of yours. 

Proof of relationship is not actually necessary for spousal visa applicants, the marriage certificate is all you need.  I think people get caught up in the idea that they have to prove their love is genuine, and go overboard with "evidence" to that end.  You really don't have to.  Just include all the documentation that they ask for, and you have nothing to worry about.   
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Re: Supporting letter for Settlement Visa
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2010, 06:39:55 AM »
Thanks... it's reassuring to hear that :)