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How'd you meet!

On the internet
314 (44.4%)
Not actually on the internet, but through the internet
99 (14%)
At a bar
56 (7.9%)
At University
45 (6.4%)
At work
39 (5.5%)
At camp
14 (2%)
Through friends
55 (7.8%)
Through family
15 (2.1%)
As penpals!
13 (1.8%)
58 (8.2%)

Total Members Voted: 638

Topic: How Did It All Begin??  (Read 84841 times)

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Re: How Did It All Begin??
« Reply #270 on: April 29, 2012, 11:02:12 AM »
Sorry David to intermingle with your response as I was clueless. I too was in the USAF from1976 thru 1980. Met my exwife in1982, long before Al Gore invented the internet. I am new here please have patience with my computer illiteracy.

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Re: How Did It All Begin??
« Reply #271 on: July 28, 2012, 05:57:26 PM »
Twitter, through a mutual friend of ours in 2009 :) We started talking back and forth on that and through youtube comment video section, then after awhile we moved to Facebook chat, i had a huge crush on her but wasent looking for anybody because at the time i was still with my a**hole ex, after i broke it off with him including friendship(she helped me with that :) ) within a few weeks after my head was completely clear and free of him, i noticed my feelings for her were growing and i knew she was the ONE, it took me a few more weeks to confess my feelings to her which went something like this:

Me: Goodnight, i love you......and i really do not in just a friend way
Denise: I know the feeling, ive felt the same for awhile, i love you too


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Re: How Did It All Begin??
« Reply #272 on: September 24, 2012, 09:19:11 AM »
I met my British husband in Prague, Czech Republic in September of 1994. I was teaching English at the University of Prague and he was teaching English at one of the British schools there. Most of the teachers of English at the University were American apart from one teacher who was from Manchester. She also taught part time at the British school my husband worked at. One evening she told us she was going to the pub to meet up with some of the teachers from the British school - all Brits. We said thank you but no! In the end, we got bored and went along. It was a crazy night in an expat pub full to bursting with expat Brits - you can imagine the amount of beer that was being consumed. It was there that I met my husband for the first time. He asked me out, kissed me, then kissed another girl, then gave me the wrong phone number, then gave me the right phone number but not to his flat, to his school. We went out a few nights later - he took me to a sports bar! We stayed together for 1 year, then I left to travel Greece and he went back to Britain. I visited Britain on my way back from Greece to Prague and convinced him to come back to Prague with me. He did and we lived together for another year in Prague.

Then we came to England to live but I hated it the first time around so we hopped on a plane Tokyo where we worked and lived for nearly 3 years. Then we moved to England via Thailand, got married in the USA and have lived in England ever since. We have three children.

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Re: How Did It All Begin??
« Reply #273 on: October 10, 2012, 02:33:14 PM »
On the set of a TV commercial for a video game, 2 days after I arrived in the UK - he was film crew, I was finishing up an internship for the publisher/client and then going to uni in Birmingham. We went on a date and had such a good time that I made the journey from Birmingham to London to see him on weekends once a fortnight for 7 months. Weekends became weeks as courses ended and I needed somewhere quieter to work on my masters thesis. Then we moved in together properly 2 months after that. Now we're married  ;D
FLR(M) application sent: 4/7/12
Acknowledged: 14/7/12
Biometrics: 6/9/12 (9 week wait)
BRP returned: 28/2/13
Passport/documents returned: 1/3/13

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Re: How Did It All Begin??
« Reply #274 on: October 24, 2012, 07:56:10 PM »
  How did you meet your husband/wife or Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
 Did you know from the start that they was going to be your love for life?


To make a long story as short as possible, I met my fiance online (a year ago from Monday, actually  ;D ). I've always been in love with the idea of moving to England, ever since I was a kid. I would always tell my parents I was going to meet an English rockstar and go away and live there with him. Now that I'm older (23) and more realistic, I still felt like I wanted to be there more than here so a year ago I was looking into ways to move to the UK (southern England in particular) and start a life there. I met him on a website where I was looking to make friends over there and have people I could inquire about which areas were best to live and so on and so forth.

We started talking as friends and quickly took our friendship from that site to facebook. I was very attracted to him and had a huge crush on him but knew if I couldn't get a visa and move there, we had no chance so we remained fairly good friends (in a penpal sense I suppose). We started discussing me visiting (purely for research and a nice holiday of course!  :P ) and somehow we quickly moved from the friendzone to something much much more than friends.

I am thoroughly convinced he is the man for me and I would definitely say I knew this from the start. A year later and we are engaged and looking to be married the beginning of next year and getting prepared to apply for my spousal visa so it's ready by the time I'm done with my studies.

Moral of the story? Dreams can come true (although he isn't a rockstar, he probably could kick my bum at Rockband.....maybe hehe. :P)
My, how time flies....

* Married in the US and applied for first spousal visa August 2013
* Moved to the UK on said visa October 2013
* FLR(M) applied for  May 2016. Biometrics requested June 2016. Approval given July 2016.
* ILR applied for January 2019 (using priority processing). Approved February 2019.
* Citizenship applied for May  2019
* Citizenship approved on July 4th 2019
* Ceremony conducted on August 28th 2019

'Mommy, Wow! I'm a legit Brit now!'

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Re: How Did It All Begin??
« Reply #275 on: October 25, 2012, 01:33:17 AM »
My UK boyfriend and I are both hikers and I hiked every Sunday with my hiking club in Hawaii. Our club is online and we welcome guests to join our hikes.  My boyfriend was planning a vacation to Hawaii and being a hiker found our club site, arrived in Hawaii Saturday night and went on our hike Sunday morning.  We happened to arrive at the trail head at the same time and started talking.  When I found out he was a guest, I took him under my wing and showed him the ropes.  He ended up giving me a ride home and we ended up having a drink at a local pub type place stayed for dinner and made a date to see each other again.  When his vacation was over, we really didn't have any plans to see each other again.  We thought realistically that the distance was too great to carry on a relationship. Well it's been 2.5 years, we're planning out 10th vacation together and will probably be engaged this Christmas even though being engaged is a mute at this point because we have already set the wedding date for April 2013.  it's been a wonderful journey and so exciting in so many ways and on so many levels.  My friends all thought he was probably married or had a women in every port as he has traveled to the US quite a lot for business.  But after spending the summer in his home, I put their fears to rest. Then I spent 6 months with him so we have had some length of time together and I know what I'm getting myself into moving to the UK.  I know the 'real' move will still come with its challenges, but at least I can find my way around, am comfortable driving there, have a group to bike with twice a week and learned of some walking groups that I can check out when I return.  Most importantly, I know what things I need to bring back from the US like measuring cups, etc.  LOL!

Thanks for reading and sharing your stories; I think there's a book I here somewhere. :-)
24 April 13 - Married
29 April 13 - overnight Spouse Visa app. to NYC

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Re: How Did It All Begin??
« Reply #276 on: October 25, 2012, 12:01:21 PM »
My now (English) hubby was a childhood friend of my friend in NYC, and he was coming to NYC for holiday, and he needed a place to crash. And, I had plenty of space, because I lived alone in a two bedroom. (Our mutual friend lived in a NYC shoebox, in a bad area.) So, the mutual friend asked me if I would host my now hubby for a week!

The trip to NYC fell through, but I was due in London for two weeks a few weeks later, so we ended up meeting there, for drinks.

Then, after that, he did come to NYC, and I did end up hosting him for a visit.

Years later, I'm, um, still hosting him! LOL! Well, we host each other...  ;D
“It was when I realised I had a new nationality: I was in exile. I am an adulterous resident: when I am in one city, I am dreaming of the other. I am an exile; citizen of the country of longing.” ― Suketu Mehta.

Married 04/13/11, in NYC.
Applied for Spouse Visa the following week, with express service, and I was approved 4 days later!
Arrived in the UK 05/20/11.
I took the stupid LIUK Test Oct. 2012.
We were granted ILR In Person in Croydon on 04/23/13.
Got BRP 2 days later, in mail box - it just appeared.

NEXT: The lil' red passpo

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Re: How Did It All Begin??
« Reply #277 on: July 03, 2013, 08:28:27 PM »
My husband and I met online, but not really.  We met on a joke dating site called OKCupid, where I'd previously found numerous playthings.  I assumed he'd be another, to be honest, because he was only going to be in Atlanta for two years for his Masters degree from GaTech.  When I say not really, I mean there were maybe two emails and one chat session before we met in person...less than a week later.

Our first date was a disaster, in that I got lost in my own city and couldn't find the movie theater [I think I was nervous], so we went to dinner and got stuck there by a bad thunderstorm.  We got to know each other over 5 hours and when it was time to go we didn't want to leave. I think I might have had some inkling that I could spend my life with him, but he was in love with someone else [which I found out when he broke it off with me at the end of our third date]. 

I didn't give up on him, though, because I was falling in love with him.  I stuck it out as his friend until the other girl told him she wasn't interested, then when his Mother came down with breast cancer and I was there every day, helping him cope with it, he realized I wasn't going anywhere.  He asked me if he went home at the end of his degree would I come with him.  I knew I loved him when I didn't even hesitate to say yes :)

We got married a year and a half later, just as he was graduating, after 2 trips to the UK where I met all my inlaws and his friends. We decided to stay in the States for a while to pay off debt and that's been slow going because in the interim we've had two daughters.

Now we've been together for 7 years, and our daughters are 4.5 and 3.  We are planning on making a permanent move to the UK in 2015, because I know I can be there, but my husband has not coped well with living here. He just doesn't fit in. Also it will be nice to raise our children in a safer place than Atlanta [where there's a murder or pedestrian struck about once a day :(], where we have access to all of Europe.
4 December 2005--Met in ATL, Moved in together
July 2006--First visit to the UK, met his Mum
Feb 2007--Eloped and told everyone we were engaged ;)
May 2007--Wedding, Part 1 in Pine Mountain, GA;
Sept 2007--Wedding, Part 2 in Scarborough, UK
Nov ‘08–1st Child
May ‘10–2nd Child
June 2013--Decided to move to the UK!
July 2013-Jan 2016–family tragedies. Delayed move
April ‘15–3rd Child
2019...planning again
January 2022–applying for visa!
Goal: Get Eldest in UK school by year 9!
Hopefully moving to Malvern June 2022

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Re: How Did It All Begin??
« Reply #278 on: July 04, 2013, 07:52:43 PM »
It was almost 10 years ago now but I was working in London on a 2 year post graduate work visa.  My UKC DH just finished his undergrad degree and joined the same company.  Approx 2 months later we were assigned to a project together - and within 6 months we moved into together! Neither of us had ever moved so quickly & we figured living together would either make or break us!  We are happily married all these years later with a beautiful dual citizen 16 month old daughter.  We've been in the States now close to 8 years and we are both hoping to be back in the UK in within 2 years.  Looking to have one more child & then raise them in a quiet village or small town commutable to London for my DH.  Hoping it all works out!!
2001 - moved to the UK on a student visa
2002 - 2 year work visa (and met hubby later that year)
2004 - moved w UKC hubby to US
2012 - UKC hubby now a dual national (USC)
Apr 2015 - moved back to UK w DH and two DD

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Re: How Did It All Begin??
« Reply #279 on: November 03, 2013, 04:37:25 PM »
We met on facebook and with in days I knew, I dont know how I knew but I knew he was the one for me in my heart of hearts before we actually even spoke on the phone or skyped.

We started talking on the phone with in 2 weeks of meeting on FB and with in 3 months he had came to visit me, first moment I saw him at the airport I didnt speak to him but through my arms around him and started kissing :) before the end of the week he had made it asked my dads blessing for him to marry me (Dads old fashioned so this went down a storm)

the next time i seen him in person was when i went to the USA to marry him. We did have plans to meet inbetween but money didnt allow it.
« Last Edit: November 03, 2013, 04:50:45 PM by Melspartner »
Met on facebook 4th or 5th Oct 2012
He came to visit me 11 Jan 2013 - 17 Jan 2013
Engagement 16 Jan 2013
I went to visit him 4 Sep 2013 - 19 Sep 2013
Married 7 Sep 2013
Apply for fiance visa (priority) 8 Oct 2013
Biometrics 16 Oct 2013
Documents received at Sheffield 28 Oct 2013
Email for additional payslip 29 October 2013
Decision made email 30 Oct 2013
Visa received via UPS 1 November 2013
Flying home 6/7th November 2013 (2 months after wedding)

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Re: How Did It All Begin??
« Reply #280 on: February 25, 2014, 11:11:09 AM »
I met my future wife back in 2009 in Scotland.  She is best friends with my best friends wife (now).  We kept in touch and well, here I am in Scotland.  ;D
1 Aug 13 Fiancé visa application submitted online
15 Aug 13 Biometrics
21 Aug 13 Application packet sent to NYC UK Consulate
9 Sep 13 e-m from Sheffield, UK; application is being processed
13 Sep 13 paid for Priority processing to try and recover time lost sending application to the NY office.
3 Oct 13 received Spouse Visa!

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Re: How Did It All Begin??
« Reply #281 on: September 15, 2014, 02:23:50 AM »
We met on Reddit when he started a post for meeting people to talk about gaming, programming and other nerdy interests. Once I saw his picture, I was pretty much hooked, but kept it non-flirty as long as possible. Once I started flirting, he was totally clueless until I spelled it out.

We started IM after about 3 days, then Skype around 2 weeks after that. The first time I heard his accent I was  [smiley=smitten.gif] [smiley=smitten.gif] We've spent hours on Skype every day since then, except when we have been together. I knew he was the one really early on and apparently he felt the same way. We're best friends and I've never been so comfortable being myself around a man before.
Married: 27-06-14
Spouse Visa Delivered: 27-10-14
Arrived in Wales: 03-12-14
Little GAtoWales born 26-01-16
FLR(M) approval received: 28-07-17
ILR approval received: 04-05-2020

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Re: How Did It All Begin??
« Reply #282 on: November 11, 2015, 04:17:25 PM »
We met playing a MMORG called Runescape.  He is Brit I'm American from Brooklyn NY.  Briefly, we met on the game in October 2012, he came to America to meet me in May 2013.  That was it, we knew right then and there we had to be together.  Since he is much younger than me and I always loved England [spent a lot of time in England prior] it was a no brainer.  Pack up my business and house, sold house, took my cat and we headed to the UK.  It was easier that I imagined.  We submitted application on 17 June 2015, received an answer on 19 June, got documents back on 22 June.  The biggest surprise was that they received the documents on the 18th of June and Visa was stamped and approved 18th June - the same day they received it.  After spending countless hours on Skype [so much that we began to detest it - so close yet so far], we finally came to a pinnacle in the last piece of the plan - my leaving the USA.  Arrived in the UK on 3 October 2015 and we are going to be married on the 25th of November.  My cat has settled in nicely as have I.  I have been asked if I miss America - no, sorry, but no.  Don't think I ever will.  Have always loved the UK and at this point in my life - I definitely feel at home.  I am calmer, more relaxed, happier [also because of my soon-to-be husband], and smiling!  I am hitting 62 and he is 45, but the age difference doesn't matter to us just gives us tons of humour.  The most wonderful thing is I am feeling my creativity coming back [I'm a photographer/writer/musician] so back to doing what I do best.  Not sure if I'll go back to doing this for pay [already have been contacted for hire], but it is wonderful to be doing my work for myself.  How this all began?  It began with a simple Kenny Everett reference and rest as they say is history.  But I am glad to be home in the UK.
« Last Edit: November 11, 2015, 04:20:56 PM by Alexandra »
Contact:  October 2012
Met:  15 May 2013
Application Submitted:  18 June 2015
Application Approved:  18 June 2015
Arrived UK:  3 October 2015

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Re: How Did It All Begin??
« Reply #283 on: March 11, 2016, 08:05:31 PM »
Working at a summer camp in 2005 because my friend did it the previous summer thought id enjoy it!!!  Thanks for the suggestion Gilly!!!  ;D
2 years long distance, a year in NY, a year in NZ then back to the UK  [smiley=love.gif]

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Re: How Did It All Begin??
« Reply #284 on: March 14, 2016, 09:48:08 AM »
I was already in the UK on my second student visa for my postgrad when I met my now future hubby. He started following me on Twitter when I was doing social media work experience for our favorite football team and we started light chit chat from there. We decided one day to meet out to watch a match together at the pub and three years later, we're getting married!

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