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Topic: Welcome to UK-Yankee!!! **Read this before you post**  (Read 20446 times)

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Welcome to UK-Yankee!!! **Read this before you post**
« on: November 28, 2010, 05:03:18 PM »
Welcome to UK Yankee! We are a diverse community of expatriates living in the UK, moving to the UK, wannabe expats, or just curious about living in the UK and we’re happy you’ve found us.   Whilst most of us are Americans and our topics are often American focused we have folks from all around the world who join in and we make everyone most welcome.  

A great place to start is by giving us an introduction about you here in the Welcome Wagon so that we can all get to know you better.  You’ll find many of our members welcoming you and you may have something in common already!   Common things that people include in their posts include why they’re moving to UK, where in the UK they are moving to, where they’re from, what they hope to gain from and/or contribute to our online community.  Of course, how much or how little you include is up to yourself! We have a great thread in Chit Chat called Getting to Know You Again  which is a fun way to see how our members found the UK and found us. :)

Then please free to browse and post in our boards!  

We know that many people stumble upon our site for questions and answers to the complicated visa process so please ask your visa questions on our dedicated visa board.
However, we are more than just a source for visa information.  The expat experience is varied and unique and we encourage everyone to take part and we hope you do take part in our other boards.  We love our food here, be it searching for a specific ingredient, putting on a Thanksgiving feast, or what’s for dinner/tea at your house tonight.  We also know the value of a good moan, feel free to vent away in the airing cupboard.  Questions about why houses don’t have mixer taps, how to hang up your laundry to dry effectively, how to change a lightbulb, how to get rid of mould- we’ve been there before, we’ll be more than willing to lend a helping hand in the expat life boards.  If you’re feeling out of sorts or homesick, please come along to the homesickness board, where you will receive support and advice.  Don't feel like you can't take part in any existing thread just because you're new, the more the merrier!    

So with all that said, please enjoy and be part of our community!   :) :) :)
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