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Topic: UKY Shrinkers Club Child Board  (Read 2823 times)

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UKY Shrinkers Club Child Board
« on: February 09, 2011, 01:39:31 PM »
Hi!  Just a new thread to once again bring up the existence of a child board to UKY Fitness Club called Shrinkers.  

Shrinkers has sub-boards on Weight Watchers, Low-Carb and sections for those wanting to lose a lot of weight, having weight loss surgery to mention a few.

It is a bit more private than this in that it is not easily search-able nor viewable.  However, all are welcome.  I've recently purged inactive accounts, but if you want let back in let me know.  Alternatively if you want in send me a pm and I will add you.

You must read and agree to the following statement:

UKY Shrinkers Club Privacy Agreement

Every member in the shrinkers club has their own reasons for joining and all will have a sensitivity issue regarding their membership.  With this in mind, we are requiring everyone to place an intro on themselves so that everyone gets to know each other a bit more…  this is very helpful when someone is considering the privacy of the board.

Knowing some of the topics on this board may be very sensitive in nature we ask for sensitivity and care.   If you do not agree with the terms or are rude, membership will need to be withdrawn.

This are has been designated to all that desire the support and privacy of weightloss issues. Whether you have 5lbs, 500 lbs or just wish to maintain, all are welcome...

The room is to be whatever you want it to be. If you just want a thread that you post to with your progress, that's great. If you want to partake in team competitions, we can sort that out, too. No one who wants to partake will be excluded but we expect that all who enter the room, will be involved and not just lurking!  

Respect for each others privacy is very important in here... Being able to talk openly about your weight issues is one of the most important tools of success... knowing that whatever is said in here will not go elsewhere will allow many whom normally would not feel a freedom to talk, hopefully will find this a place of confidence and be able to speak freely.

So please bear in mind a few rules:

Any and all weight loss programs are allowed in this group... Not any one diet is for every person... so please keep that in mind when someone is excited about a plan that you may not be too keen on...

An intro about yourself is required to allow all the members a chance to know you a bit more…

Although we do not require you to participate in everything, we do require you to be involved on some level… this is not a board for just lurking.

No posting of any topics or issues discussed in the room on other threads, or with other members that are not part of this group.

This is a supportive environment. Criticism of others and their successes or setback is not tolerated. Though honest talk is OK... this is a fine line here, but please try to use some common sense and be aware of others feelings.

Anyone that is rude or hurtful to another member will not be allowed to return.  

All UKY forum rules also apply in here.

Please feel free to make suggestions or start a challenge...  

Finally, remember that weight is a very sensitive issue.  Think before you type.  

Thanks! :)
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Re: UKY Shrinkers Club Child Board
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2013, 11:59:48 AM »
We've been doing some housekeeping on Shrinkers and now Mrs Robinson and myself are moderators, in addition to vnicepeeps.   If you think you would like to join us, please PM one of us to be added in.  We ask that you adhere to the privacy agreement, you post a bit about yourself on the Intro Thread after joining,  and that you participate to make it a supportive-active place.  
We will welcome you to our lovely "shrinking" group!  :)
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