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Re: Relocation Package
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Only a few years late Phatbeetle!

Not sure if the OP is here!

ArtsyChar, That does sound like a decent enough package and given the potential bigger economic and all the intrinsically linked aspects of the UK, Brexit, Jobs, immigration, Scotland wanting another independence vote, Northern Ireland wanting a referendum and Wales wanting one too, be glad you've got through with all the aspects of the package the employer is offering !

I used to work for 3 US IT/Consulting/Software Houses here in their respective London offices and met many, many staff who came over on transfers etc. Always a mixed bag, some absolutely loved it here for the short'ish period here, other's loved it for the longer term they were here, other's hated it within a few days/weeks, others hated it after a bit longer of a period. If I was pushed for a percentage, I'd say perhaps 60-70% of the ones here 'longer term' headed back 'relatively' quickly. I still know a few who've been here years!

I think nowadays, to get given a package like you have, you would need to be at very senior exec level and/or board level - which it seems you and your other/better half are.  In the midlands, those benefits are going to be of more value given the lower costs of your household expenses. A similar family I  met independently to my career contacts was in a rented house, sorry, mansion in the Wentworth Estate near Ascot, Surrey. Back in around 2007/8 ish, the rent for the property was around £20,000/month and they had all the schooling for the kids, cars, fuel, council taxes, food, bills and more all paid for! I think the salary paid didn't need to cover any of the mandatory outgoings !

There's some lovely places around Warwickshire and I think you'd have no problems really in finding an executive 5/6/7 bedroom property in a good/decent area. There's a lot of good info on this site for things to look out for and given a lot of your mandatory expenses will be covered, these will mainly be down to your family's personal lifestyle choices.

I'll also extrapolate a little more and say that the bank account they help with, will be a higher level or executive type account with specific benefits so do check those out etc.

Other than that, welcome to the UK!

KFDancer - look on the bright side, petrol is nice and cheap in the USA, you'll be able to get another M car ;)

Cheers, DtM! West London & Slough UK!
Thank you all for the thoughtful responses. I am grateful you've each take the time to review the package and find any missing features we should consider. It is a relief to hear that we are being well looked after by the company. The last two times I lived overseas it was on a student visa where living expenses were largely covered by room & board fees paid upfront (and pre-kids)!
My husband has never lived abroad and is a far but less adventurous than I. I equated it to enlisting in submarine service in the Navy, which he did at 18. Life is as upside down as it gets living on a sub, but you'll forge life-long friendships and learn a ton about yourself, grow and mature faster than if you stayed in our NJ life. It'll be a gift for our 3 kids and us too if we push through the challenging bits and accept the opportunities to experience a new life for a few years.

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