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Topic: Visiting My Boyfriend For 5 Months Worried About Customs. Help. 2nd Visit To UK  (Read 3162 times)

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I was refused because we entered together last time, I had a bad gut feeling and that feeling was right :/

That's bad advice

Why would you be refused for entering together? Friends, couples and spouses of different nationalities enter the UK together every day and have no issues.

You were refused because the immigration officer believed you were not a genuine tourist and were an overstay risk because had already been in the UK for almost 6 months and without a return ticket they were worried that you wouldn't leave.

As you said in your other post you were also under the influence and didn't stay calm, which likely would not have helped your case and may have contributed to their decision to refuse you entry.

The first red flag would have been your lack of a return ticket - without a return ticket, it's pretty likely you will be refused entry. Did you also have proof of a job, a home and a life to return to in your country of residence? What about funds to support yourself for your trip?

These are all things you need to be able to show, and without them, you can be refused. There is nothing in the immigration rules that says you can be refused for entering with your UK citizen boyfriend or girlfriend.

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That's bad advice

Saying "That's bad advice," about a topic that you don't seem to know anything about to people who have been giving guidance on this forum for years is really tacky.

Are you trying for a catch phrase or something bad_advice or are you telling people you can only give bad advice?
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The usual. American girl meets British guy. They fall into like, then into love. Then there was the big decision. The American traveled across the pond to join the Brit. And life was never the same again.

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I understand why you'd be nervous, I was the same way. I think the applying for a visa thing ahead of time can be good but if you're pressed for time I'd just make sure you're traveling with the proper documents : bank starements, letter from employer if you're employed, return ticket,  letter from your boyfriend   etc. Just stay calm and be polite at customs. My experience was quick and painless. I hope yours is as well!

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