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Topic: Wanted: American families living in London for family trivia night TV pilot!  (Read 3856 times)

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Are you part of a large, competitive family? Do you pride yourself on your general knowledge? Don't worry - you don't need to be masterminds to take part! A major production company is looking for American families living in London who love trivia and are up for the challenge of taking part. If you'd describe your family as fun, outspoken and opinionated, we want to heart from you! Please email uscasting (at) firecrackerfilms (dot) (com) and tell us why you'd make the perfect family to appear on a televised trivia night.

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Sounds suspiciously dodgy  [smiley=bobby.gif] call the cops.

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Sounds suspiciously dodgy  [smiley=bobby.gif] call the cops.

Having peeked at Firecracker film's website, it appears they are not only legit, but have produced such shows as, Sinister Ministers, The Man with the 132lb Scrotum, The Nightclub Toilet, Married to the Moonies, and several "My Big Fat Gypsy" titles....
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This is the kind of thing my MIL threatens us with that she'd love to do.  :o In this instance, thank goodness I am not American.  ;)

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Sounds like fun, too bad we're not in London
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