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Topic: Changes in Immigration Rules  (Read 860 times)

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Changes in Immigration Rules
« on: March 03, 2015, 05:48:05 AM »

The changes seem to affect all visa routes. Some for the better and some getting tighter.

For visitors

Now only 4 visitor visas to the UK instead of 15.. The General visa will be lumped in with some other visitor visas. These visa holders will be allowed to work (without pay) for up to 30 days at a registered UK charity.

As Ksand said, it seems visitor visas will be for the length of time the person asks for i.e. ask for 1 month and that is what you will get stamped in for. You can apply to extend that visa while in the UK, but only for up to 6 months and that includes the time you already had. Although I think I read that the extension application for up to six months, will cost £601.

They have also mentioned that living in the UK on visitor visa is not allowed.
From this following new rule, it seems there will be no more nipping over the English Channel and back again for another 6 month visitor visa.
V.16 Within the period for which the visit visa is valid, a visitor may enter and leave the UK multiple times, unless the visit visa is endorsed as a single- or dual-entry visa.

10 years ban for using deception to try to enter, or entering the UK, as a visitor too now. Was that the rule before?

The visa can be curtailed while the person is in the UK.

Happy reading. It's long.

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