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Topic: Advice on needing a legal will in the UK and the US  (Read 644 times)

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Advice on needing a legal will in the UK and the US
« on: June 08, 2015, 07:45:52 PM »
Hi all,

Basically, I'd like to find a lawyer in the US that knows enough about legal wills in the US and UK that I can get good advice. Any ideas where to turn? I already discovered that tax accountants will lie about their knowledge of overseas income (I had to advise him and fix so much!).

We moved back the the States from England a few years ago. We have a life insurance policy there that I should have bought on my husband to make payout work if we ever need to collect, but didn't know that. He bought it on himself thinking he could name a beneficiary, but we later found out it doesn't work that way. So we got a UK will made saying I was the beneficiary (this was a way to handle it as advised by the life assurance co.). So anyway, now we would like to make a US will, but I'm not sure if that would nullify the UK will? Or do we just have it say the same thing as the UK will, and one way or another it all works out?

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