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Topic: At a crossroads...  (Read 982 times)

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At a crossroads...
« on: January 03, 2016, 03:40:33 PM »
Hello all

I've been living in the UK on a spouse visa since Aug 2013. I came to the US in November for my mothers wedding and to spend the holiday season with my family.

Strangely, while here, I was offered an interview at a company I applied with ages back. This is a job with a lot of potential in an industry that I love. Whether or not I could make things happen the way I'd like is up to me of course, and it may not ever turn out the way I hope.

My partner was very supportive and told me to go for it, which I did, and they offered me the job. I took it with a trial mindset and have worked there for about 2 weeks now.

I also managed to line up a car and an apartment during this time.

It feels like I'm moving back, but I don't know if that's the best thing to do! As much as I've moaned about the Northwest weather in the UK, and dealt with all the stress of my first (terrible) job in the UK over the past 2 years, I can't help but think moving back before I'm naturalized in the UK might be something I live to regret.

The job is cool and I do like it a lot. The apartment is cool; we're close to the beach and it's sunny and warm. My partner is jumping at the chance to come over.

So I guess I'm looking for advice and also insight to how I should get things moving for my partner's US visa?

- We entered a civil partnership in 2012, had it converted to marriage (same sex) in November 2015.
- I have tax info for 2012, 2013, but not 2014. I can file for 2015.
- Can we still use DCF to apply for the I-130 while I'm in the US Or would I need to go back to the UK?
- If I can't use DCF what would our best option be to file the I-130?

I'm weighing the options for this right now and could really use the advice.

Thanks in advance
May 17 2013 - Spouse visa sent to NYC
May 22 2013 - Package accepted at NYC
May 30 2013 - Received email from Sheffield that package was received and being processed
June 6 2013 - Received "A decision has been made..." email with UPS tracking details
June 10 2013 - Visa Issued and received via UPS!
Aug 28 2013 - Returning to the UK! Yay!

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Re: At a crossroads...
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2016, 09:38:08 PM »

So it's been a few months. What did you decide to do?

Hope life is going well for you!

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