Author Topic: New requirements going into effect for shipping household to the UK  (Read 509 times)

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We are using UPak to ship to the UK, and they've alerted us that as of April 1 new procedures are required to clear entry of our household goods into the UK.

"As of April 1st (very apt) UK Customs will no longer accept the C3 UK Customs form to obtain duty free entry of your household items into the UK. If your shipment is arriving after March 31st 2017, you will need to complete a Transfer of Residence form known as “ToR”. "[form link on their website takes you to]

"It is a good idea to start the process of applying for your ToR approval number at least 2 weeks prior to the collection of your things so that everything is sorted out and approved before shipping your items to the UK."   In investigating, it looks like a copy of your apartment lease/mortgage in your leaving country is required to prove your current residence, and other documents are required - you fill in the online form, print it, and then send it off to HMRC to get a  number before you can ship into the UK....

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