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points to consider when shipping dogs US to UK
« on: September 01, 2017, 10:58:52 PM »
In 2012, we successfullly shipped 4 Australian Shepherds from the US to the UK.
Several points to consider if you are in a similar situation:

- time of flight:
Our guys were used to bedding down in the evening and not going outside until morning.
If your pets are used to a similar schedule, use it to your advantage.
Book a flight leaving the US airport in the evening, arriving UK in the morning.
That way, when they awake and need to relieve themselves, they will be at the Animal Arrival centre and will be let into the arrival dog run.

- the crates:
Get your guys familiar with the crates.  Start by encouraging them to be in the crate at night.  Maybe with treats. Leave the door open to allow them in and out access.  The last few days before the flight, get them in the crate and shut the door overnight.  The idea is to get them to think that the crate is just a normal part of night time sleeping.

- familiarity
Your pets are familiar with your scent  Their noses are 100 times more sensitive than ours.  Use this to your advantage.  Wear that T-shirt for a couple of days and then place it in the crate.  When they wake up, the first thing they will smell is you. Make it familiar. Let them know that everything is ok.

- contents of crate:
Admit that the bedding and other items in the crate may be discarded. The bedding of one of our four dogs was discarded before we received them at Heathrow.  We figure it was due to a dog being sick from one end or the other.  Allow for that to happen. The Animal Control folks will take care of the animal.  They do what is necessary with the other items in the crate. Keep in mind that they are most concerned with keeping sickness of any sort entering the country.   Soiled bedding will be discarded. Allow for it.

- shipping cost
While there is concern about the cost of shipping animals as cargo and paying a freight company to ship them, the money is well spent.  The animals need to be shipped as cargo, not luggage.  The airlines need to certify that the shipment comes from a "known shipper". Don't fight it.  Ship the animals via a known shipment company and you won't worry about the paperwork at the receiving end. (You DO have to make sure you have satisfied the rabies and other time frames and paperwork.) The freight company will make sure that the animals get to and pass through animal control. You will only need to wait for their exit from Animal Control.
But as the commercial says:
the peace of mind that the animals will arrive safely and pass customs?: priceless.

Hope this information helps. 
We had no problems with four dogs through Animal Control. 
Follow closely the Rabies requirements and microchipping, and everything should be ok.

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