Author Topic: Have Cheap Flights with Norwegian Airlines Helped You Visit U.S. More Often?  (Read 841 times)

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I just flew Norwegian for the second time (first was LA -> London round trip, this time was NY -> London) and it's all right, but I don't think it'd motivate me to do it any more often than necessary. I love Air New Zealand for the LA trips and I'll probably use those whenever I need to return there (hopefully not often).

My family lives in Middle of Nowhere, New York so I've never been able to visit them via direct flight even when I was in California. When we left there for Christmas this year, I had my younger sister drive us the 5 hour drive to NYC and we spent the day/night there before she dropped us off at JFK for our flight to London. I've done all sorts of routes to get to them, from flying into JFK/DC/Philly and taking regional flights to Rochester/Syracuse/Buffalo and making my parents collect me there (anywhere from a 1.5 hour to 3 hour drive each way depending on airport).

I think as much as I like to see my family and friends, I'd rather use my travel time to go to new places and on proper vacations. My parents have never left the States, but now they feel obligated to visit (aiming for 2019) and hopefully I can convince them to do that more as they have way more spare time on their hands :P

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I'm jealous of those who can take direct flights! I'm from the Cleveland, Ohio area and there are no direct flights there... in the past I've seen directs to Detroit, Pittsburgh- why not Cleveland?  :-\\\\ I'd even take Columbus.

My parents are originally from OH.  This is where they want to move back to :(  Layways just add an incredible amount of time to what is already a long, squished, cranky, and hassled day.  I feel for people with no options of direct long-haul flights.

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You're all moaning about connections in the US, but try connecting to the north of Scotland (Highlands, Western Isles, Orkney, Shetland.) to go anywhere else.   Not easy in the slightest!   There is a Heathrow flight to Inverness, finally, but still not perfect for timings especially connecting from other places within the north. 
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Had a good experience with Norwegian but the flight, unfortunately, wasn't that cheap. Not sure if maybe it has to do with the time of year I was flying (and those looking to come visit would be flying) or that I was flying into maybe a heavily trafficked airport for them or something (Boston), but the cheapest we've ever found was £600+ each round-trip. That does include the bags though and a meal from my memory. There are other airlines (like Aer Lingus) that offer similar prices so the emergence of Norwegian hasn't really make a difference in that respect, from my personal experiences. If the flights were $350+ round-trip though, I imagine it would encourage my sister and her family (who can't afford to fly 4 of them over), it would definitely encourage them to visit more :)
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I'm jealous of those who can take direct flights! I'm from the Cleveland, Ohio area and there are no direct flights there... in the past I've seen directs to Detroit, Pittsburgh- why not Cleveland?  :-\\\\ I'd even take Columbus.

Last summer I flew Manchester-Boston-Cleveland with Thomas Cook for about £550, which is the cheapest fare I've paid in years. Only downside was a five hour layover in Boston (six hours on the way back to the UK though, oof), but it actually wasn't that bad. I've had to run like a crazy person before to catch my flight, so although it was long it was also nice in a way to relax, get dinner, watch a movie on my laptop. Plus just getting off the plane, going through immigration, rechecking luggage, going through security again, and finding your gate take up a ton of time.

I’m the same,
Aren’t live in saint Louis so there’s no direct flights. We prefer to fly into North Carolina.. don’t know why but staff seems friendly there. However, we usually have to go to Chicago first.

Does Thomas Cooke do flights only?? We really need to book tickets for our trip in June.

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