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Topic: Going through all this while pregnant?!  (Read 1213 times)

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Re: Going through all this while pregnant?!
« Reply #15 on: August 30, 2018, 04:26:18 PM »
No advice on the topic, unfortunately, but just wanted to say Congrats ANNNNDDD you should TOTALLLYYY stock up on all the baby stuff you can at target while you can! hahah Go on a shopping spree and send it all over! :D
My, how time flies....

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Re: Going through all this while pregnant?!
« Reply #16 on: August 31, 2018, 04:20:11 PM »
I've got a story for you:
 Just enjoy the fact that the birth is free and once you can use the NHS you no longer need to worry about healthcare for your family as long as you don't vote Tory. 

You don't realise that it was the Labour government that privatised the NHS with PFIs (Private Finance Initiatives)? Labour made a lot of investors very rich, and they still are, even though they are no longer the government? Many hospitals are now struggleing to pay all the PFI investors the overly generous, massive return on their "loan" to that NHS Trust. We didn't get asked if we wanted to privatise our NHS, the Labour government just did it.

When Labour got voted out of Scotland and the SNP took over, they got a nasty shock because Labour had been at it there too with PFIs-

"£30 billion: The cost of Labour's toxic PFI legacy to Scotland"

" LABOUR'S 'toxic PFI legacy' will cost Scottish taxpayers a massive £30 billion over the coming decades, the Sunday Herald can reveal.

The failings of the Private Finance Initiative schemes, championed by the last Labour government, have been thrust into the spotlight by Scotland's 'crumbling schools scandal' which has led to the closure of 17 schools in Edinburgh.

An investigation by the Sunday Herald has uncovered the huge debt that Scotland’s public sector will have to repay - not just for schools, but also for hospitals, roads and waste treatment plants."

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