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Topic: What are the up to date requirements for my Dog to come from the USA to the UK?  (Read 3918 times)

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I received my spouse visa for the UK in December 2018. I left my dog home with family but now am arranging for her to be sent over.

What are the full requirements needed?


14 year old Miniature Poodle weighing roughly 17lbs
Had a Rabies vaccine roughly 18 months ago valid until November 2020.

She has a Petmate Sky Kennel and a vets appointment booked for any further certification and tapeworm treatment.

I've seen the big post about it but it was back in 2011 and i'm wondering whether anything has changed since then.

Also does anyone know the best cost effective way of doing this?

Thanks in advance!

P.S she has no top teeth so I don't think any of the authorities at the airport will be able to feed her unless they offer soft food too.
Priority Spouse Visa

Married - October 2017
Online Application - Oct 26, 2018
Biometrics & Documents Sent - Oct 29, 2018
Application Received Email - Nov 23, 2018
Decision Made - Dec 7, 2018
Passport Received - Dec 10, 2018
Decision - APPROVED

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