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Topic: Frequently asked interview questions in the HE/university sector  (Read 993 times)

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Hi everyone,

I am aware that there is already a post on this, but I wanted to share a list of questions I have repeatedly been getting after a dozen or so interviews I've had this past year (and I've landed a job!). Hopefully this is helpful to someone! To clarify, these are from interviews in the UK higher education (university level) sector at universities throughout the country.

Why did you apply and what skills can you bring?
Why are you the ideal candidate/what do you have that no one else does?
Tell me about your job history up until this point.
What are three positive and negative words your friends use to describe you?

What do you know about UG& PG admissions/(something specific to job)?
What are the challenges in admissions/UK HE/the sector and how will it impact the next few years?

How do you create a motivational event for Y10 students/stakeholders/admin/staff?
How do you market an event?
How do you convince academics that marketing is important?

When did you form a relationship with someone?
How do you manage relationships?
When did you convince someone to join your team?
When you have led, developed and encouraged someone?

What was a situation you had to adapt to?
What do you do when things go wrong?
You show up for an event you planned and the room is double booked. What do you do?
How did you deal with a customer complaint?
What do you do when you can't answer a customer's question?
How do you address finance?
How do you say no?
How do you know you've made a good interaction?

How do you work on a team?
What is a good and bad team?
How do you deal with a colleague who doesn't contribute?
How do you prioritise your workload on a project?
How did you work under pressure?

Tell me about a situation where you were creative.
When did you use feedback to make something?
Tell me about a team when you worked on a big project with multiple stakeholders.

What training do you think you need?
When did you follow complex procedures and policies?

I've tried to work in my UK experience in all of these questions because the majority of the feedback I've received have verbatim been "you do not have UK experience." Another thing though: at the end of the day I think it's important to remember that if the panel wants to hire you, they'll hire you. But doesn't hurt to be prepared. :D

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