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Topic: Anti Social Behaviour against foreigners in the UK  (Read 4351 times)

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Re: Anti Social Behaviour against foreigners in the UK
« Reply #45 on: August 25, 2019, 11:23:49 PM »
No. They aren't mistaken. They are erring on the side of caution. Canadians get upset if you confuse them with Americans however an American won't care if they are mistaken for Canadian.

I've had so many Scots tell me exactly this when they ask what part of Canada I'm from.

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 [smiley=laugh4.gif] [smiley=laugh4.gif].  I’m laughing so hard reading the last page of comments and can completely agree.  I’m Canadian and I DO get upset if someone thinks I’m American....lol.   The last time I was in scotland, my cousin and I went to the bingo.  I won a game...think it was £100.   I heard a lady 2 tables away say to her friend....she won...she’s American......I looked up, caught the women’s eye....smiled and said....No, I’m Canadian..... ;D.   

One of the reasons I want my Canadian drivers license back is because I don’t want my ID to be a Canadian passport, a British passport and a U.S drivers license......especially since your drivers license is the thing you use the most to show identification.....I don’t want people thinking I’m American.... ::) sorry for any offense  ;D

My biggest problem is I sound American.  I have a problem with R words.  I spent 10 years all through school , from grade 1 until I graduated,  having to go to speech therapy once a week.  (At least it got me out of class 30 minutes a week  ;D)   All my life I’ve been asked if I’m from....New York, New Jersey or Boston.......still happens....happened last month....Now I just smile and say ....No, I’m from Canada...I just spent 10 years doing speech therapy so I could sound American  : ::).   Now the phrase that keeps popping into my mind is from Seinfeld......NOT THAT THERE’S ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT  :o [smiley=laugh4.gif] [smiley=laugh4.gif] about being American..... :D

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Re: Anti Social Behaviour against foreigners in the UK
« Reply #46 on: October 24, 2019, 09:56:04 AM »
There has been a marked increase in various forms of anti social behaviour against foreigners in the UK since the Brexit vote. Have you experienced any of it? I have. And police do absolutely nothing about it.

I have had:

- rubbish dumped at my front door, more than once. rubbish put in my bins, on top of my bins, my bins moved down the road or knocked over
- my car aerial taken twice, with other bits of my car being messed with
- my door being  knocked on at 5am when its pitch black outside, leaving me terrified
- some of the things I have outside the property being smashed
- certain neighbours never speaking to me, but being super friendly to everyone else
- the chav's family accepting parcels for me, then not giving them to me

I have had to purchase two cameras - and since then, not as many incidents

But the point is, the sentiment is still there, and I never did anything to warrant such treatment.

I know who is doing it, I have evidence, it's a local chav loser in his twenties who still lives with his parents, but again police wont' do anything. They treat ME with spite... Claim it's my "perception", etc. so I just gave up telling them anything.

If you are a victim of this sort of thing, don't stand for it. We have a right to be here, and if they don't like it, it's their problem. x

Sorry that you've had such a rough go of it. Has things improved for you, and the antisocial behaviors come to a stop?

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