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Topic: Grow lights  (Read 3846 times)

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Grow lights
« on: February 26, 2020, 01:34:11 PM »
Ok, this unit has to be hanged from above the plant - we had wire racks and put the plants on shelves 2 and 3, with the unit hanging from shelf 1.  It worked nicely. It, realistically, covers an area of about a foot by two feet with good light. We increased the viability by putting aluminum foil under the bottom rack and also having a mylar space-blanket attached around the outside of the shelving to reflect all the light back to the plants. Kept us in microgreens all winter, no probs.  ;D

Here is the Amazon description. Our unit is two years old, never given us a problem. Will include a timer so you can plug it in and have it automatically come on and turn off as desired.  (Daughter says it's also helped with SAD.)

Same terms as the AeroGrow - a reasonable donation to a charity and proof of same sent to us, or cash, whichever you'd prefer. Was about £65 new.

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