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Topic: Removals Insurance  (Read 1726 times)

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Removals Insurance
« on: July 11, 2020, 09:17:21 AM »
I need a recommendation for a company to insure our household goods in transit back to the USA.

The Scottish Govmt. website relating to moving house recommends that one pack as much as then can by themselves to mitigate the removals guys' exposure to potential virus in our house. (Safer in here than outside, but I understand.)  We were always good with that, so have done. The moving company says that if it's self-packed, we can't get their all-perils insurance, only total loss (aka, the ship sinks, the truck burns up, or they jettison the cargo container at sea, etc.).  The cost for their insurance for total loss is $20 per $1,000 value.

We would really like to have some sort of cover for theft of boxes, damage to our furniture/books if the cargo-container leaks badly, mis-handling by the shipper (a box is crushed, or a dresser is dropped down a flight of stairs, that sort of thing).

Can anyone recommend an insurance company, and an idea of costs?

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Re: Removals Insurance
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2020, 12:28:37 AM »
Hi Nan....have no answer to your question but just to say Brittania delivered my stuff today.  Huge truck came....two older gentlemen unloaded.  Nice guys and in uniform.  Just had them pile everything in lounge.  Some of the boxes a little beat up and crushed but it has been almost 7 months and who knows where my stuff has been since it landed March 31.  Have unpacked most of it and only thing broken so far was a large Corning ware dish....but that was my bad....not enough cushioning on bottom and I packed it flat instead of on its side.....

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