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Topic: VAF1-F US fiance looking to marry (marriage cert not civil partnership cert)  (Read 1175 times)

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Hi there!

My fiance and I are marrying in UK to then apply for spouse visa for us to live in US together (My fiance is already a US Citizen residing in the states)

Do we need to fill out a VAF1-F form? or is this for couples wishing to have a civil partnership ceremony and not a marriage certificate ceremony?

There is an apply online form through the UK government website with all details of documents needed and eligbility etc but it does not state whether he need to fill out a VAF1-F before hitting the APPLY ONLINE button to start the application.

Also with the new EMBASSY consulate regs and rates going up substantially in October especially on the work and travel side of the CR1 our hope to marry and apply before that date is not going to happen, especially since you first have to arrange a date for marriage with a registrar which at the moment is hard to even contact an office and make a date because of this years upheaval. Then of course once that date is set (well in advance and probably backlogged with folks already booked to marry who've had to wait for months for their process god bless them) we have to navigate the right date for my fiance to fly over to then have a 7 days stay period before applying on the 8th day for a notice of marriage license approval, which then takes 28 days to approve and then on the 29th day we are able to marry. So of course we need to also consider how long the marriage visa application takes to process! usually 2-4 weeks, but presently who knows if longer or shorter.

So questions on this are:

BIOMETRIC FINGERPRINTS - Does my fiance have to attend a Visa Application Centre and retrieve his biometric prints to then upload on for the online application (It looks like the Atalnta centre is open. Arethere centres in Birmingham or Montgomery does anyone know that are open or is Atlanta the closest. The site show Atlanta as being closest but I am just checking that anyone doesnt have more info than I can find online?! Fiance lives Alabama)

VAF1-F - Does Fiance need to fill this out

DOCUMENTS - CNI - Does my fiance need a Certificate of No Impediment signed by a local authority at the courthouse in Alabama and sent online on the application or does he bring it to the UK to inform the Registrar and marriage license notice officials? Thi bit is confusing as the lady on the phone says my Fiance needs to notify of intentto marry but did not state if to bring a certificate as she said she did not have that info. This is GOV Council in UK centre I called.

ARE there any other documents aside from proof of residence, income and validation of a ceremony date or communication between ourselves and ceremony office in UK of us applying for a date... Does he need to show proof of our relationship in other context?

Many thanks for any information you may be able to advise on.

Best Wishes

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