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Topic: Any suggestions for travel to USA on compassionate grounds?  (Read 157 times)

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I wonder if anyone has found a way round this problem or could give me some advice. As a British citizen with a USA/UK dual citizen partner, I've been refused entry to the USA after applying on compassionate/humanitarian grounds. I've filled in a very detailed form and provided supporting evidence, but been refused on the basis of the Presidential Proclamation preventing UK and other nationals from entering the USA during the pandemic. As you are probably aware, there's no end date and the general view in the press seems to be it won't change any time soon.

Some background:

I'm a UK citizen in a committed long-term (20+ years) relationship with a partner with dual US/UK citizenship. She was born and raised in the USA but settled here long before I met her. We aren't married. I've travelled with her and on my own to see her family, who I am now very close to and her parents usually refer to me as son-in-law, which to all intents and purposes I am. Her parents lived in Florida, and so do both my partner's sisters. As we travel at least twice a year to see them I went through the Global Entry process and was passed for it a while back.

Her father is now fading and he is unlikely to live for much longer; weeks at most. My partner flew out and has been staying with her sister so she can be with him and her mother. I hoped to go with her and her father has been asking to see me. It will most likely be our last chance to see one another and say goodbye at the end of a long and affectionate relationship that's been important to both of us. His doctor has written a letter confirming that it would be good for his mental health for him to see me.  I would like to be there to support my partner at a time when she's very distressed and the rest of the family would like me to be there too as I'm able to help in a lot of different ways and have been through the same experience with my own parents.

It seems from the text of the proclamation that if we were formally married I would have been able to travel with her, even if we'd only been married a couple of months and I'd never met her family. I understand that boundaries are needed, but this is the bit that stings, if I'm honest.

Everyone involved in this  (my partner, me, all her family, key workers at the assisted living facility) have been fully vaccinated and tested and are Covid-free. The assisted living facility where her parents live is strict but is happy for me to visit them as long as I have a recent test and continue to be Covid-free and symptom-free. Indeed, they are also encouraging me to come if I can.

I've been very respectful, factual and measured in my contact with the US Information Unit in London, but can't get any further than I have so far. I'm writing to everyone in officialdom I can think of, but if anyone where is aware of other cases where it has been possible for someone to enter I'd be very grateful for any information or ideas, or suggestions for anyone who might be able to help. I know that many people have had to suffer much worse heartbreak than this because of the pandemic, but I still feel I have to try to find a way if I can for the sake of people I love dearly and have a deep and long attachment to.

Thank you if you can offer any advice.

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Re: Any suggestions for travel to USA on compassionate grounds?
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2021, 05:04:51 PM »
Sadly while everyone always says “we don’t need a piece of paper”, government bodies feel differently.  And yes, arranged marriages pass the test but a committed non-binding relationship doesn’t.

Big hugs, the bureaucracy of immigration stings us all.

We had a member held up for about 2 months recently with the uk holding her US passport while processing an application and one of her parents died. Her family seriously waited months to bury her loved one.  Even her MP couldn’t get the application processed. Every country is cruel to outsiders.  Doesn’t make it right, just know you aren’t alone.  And you can vent here.

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Re: Any suggestions for travel to USA on compassionate grounds?
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2021, 07:10:11 PM »
Very sorry to hear of your situation.

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Re: Any suggestions for travel to USA on compassionate grounds?
« Reply #3 on: May 31, 2021, 07:47:38 PM »
My husband lost his Father to Covid in January and we were not able to travel to his funeral as we would have had to go into quarantine on arrival in the US and on return to Scotland. It’s hard when you want to be there but you can’t. We are both US citizens but we could not get around the rules. I hope your father in law finds peace and your memories bring you comfort at such a difficult time.
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