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Topic: I miss high quality ice cream  (Read 3958 times)

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Re: I miss high quality ice cream
« Reply #75 on: July 25, 2021, 11:27:09 AM »
I have so totally wanted my own miniature railway for my entire life.  I am one of those completely mad bearded old guys... minus the beard?  :)
  Don't know how much was on the site, but these dudes are living the life.  They've got tunnels and switches, and they each have their own little garage for their engines.   I remember they were super grouchy to have to share it with the kids. 

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Re: I miss high quality ice cream
« Reply #76 on: July 25, 2021, 02:34:47 PM »
Everything I buy seems to be overly soft and full of chemicals no matter the price point.  I know I can get a very limited selection of Ben and Jerry’s but those tubs are tiny.  So much so that I’m looking at ice cream makers.

I am an ice cream HOUND, ( even tho i pay the price a few hours later :o )
making ice cream is not hard at all. I had a cheap little freeze the bowl first kind, with electric motor stirrer on top. It  took a bit to get the hang of it, but after 3rd batch it was easy.
im lucky enough to be a big tesco now, B&J Switch Up is my go to, but hagen dazs is there too, both quell the cravings for traditional US style ice cream, but I do miss a good old fashioned  New England style ice cream stand with loads of flavours!

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