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Topic: ILR docs etc  (Read 144 times)

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ILR docs etc
« on: January 19, 2022, 02:09:46 PM »
Hi again all

Could you have a look at my document list and let me know if it's missing anything?

Applicant Docs

Passport (every page scanned)
Previous passport used to enter UK before renewing (every page scanned)
Declaration of sponsor (as online)
Whatever consents to check there are

Proof of Identity/Travel History

Sponsor UK passport (every page scanned)
Applicant BRP (scan of both sides)


Sponsor employment letter (digitally signed on letterhead, dated within 28 days of application--or we could probably get a wet signature on it if needed), stating:
1) current employment and salary (should it be an entire history of salary for the past 5 years, stating when increments were added?)
2) length of employment (both for the entity total and in current position? both of which are over 6 months anyway)
3) length of time earning current salary
4) type of employment
5) authenticity of payslips -- tables of payment dates (mid-month each month) and amounts over the past 7 months, which are:

Jan 2022
Dec 2021
Nov 2021
Oct 2021
Sep 2021
Aug 2021
July 2021

Sponsor payslips for each of the above payments, printed--these are online, but don't need to be signed if they're authenticated in the letter, right?

Sponsor bank account statements for each of the above months showing deposit date (for Jan 2022 will be a partial statement printed in branch)

Is there any reason to add the applicant's employment and pay information (for the same months)? The sponsor's income is above the minimum, but do they look at mortgage affordability or anything based on the sponsor's salary? Is that not anything they care about?

Residence in UK

Mortgage statement--this is a problem as we have not had one. We only moved into this house at the end of March, so have not been sent one yet. There is something online to show balance--will that work?

Council tax statement --we never received a paper one (problems with the post?), but have requested one. Can we use one from the online council tax account portal?

Land Reg doc for current address

August 2019
sponsor: quarterly bank statement, dated mid-month (source 1)
applicant: monthly credit card statement dated mid-month (source 2)
-- I realised I got the month wrong, and also misread one of the dates

July 2019
joint: bank statement, dated mid month (source 1)

December 2019
joint: joint bank account monthly statement, dated mid-month (source 3 1)

May 2020
sponsor: annual loan statement for May 2019 to May 2020 (no other date for the statement) (source 3 1)
applicant: monthly credit card statement, dated mid-month (source 2)

October 2020
joint: joint bank account monthly statement, dated mid-month (source 3 1)

March 2020
joint: home & contents insurance updated, dated end of the month (source 1 3)

August 2021
sponsor: new account opening, dated mid-month (source 4)
applicant: credit card bill, dated mid-month (source 5)

January 2022
sponsor: letter confirming renewal of membership in a chartered accountancy body, dated start of the month -- is this official enough? (source 6)
applicant: TV & internet bill, dated early/mid month (source 7)

By my count, it is five separate sources for the applicant and four for the sponsor, although that counts shared source 1 twice. Is it a problem that source 3 is the bank we have our mortgage from? (Source 1 additionally is the bank we both use individually for our current accounts, as well as our joint one, so is used for the salary payments in the finances section.) I realise that source 1 is for quite a lot of the first half--is that bad? Do the sources have to be distributed throughout evenly?

For Jan 2022, I could also use either a joint source 1 statement or (if this is helpful) a letter from our solicitor for the purchase of this property saying that she's attached originals of a few different inspections and certificates for this house--both of those literally just arrived and are dated from mid-Jan.


Marriage Certificate

App's previous civil partnership certificate
App's previous civil partnership termination confirmation

Thank you
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