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Topic: Welcome to UK Yankee -A poem!!  (Read 31430 times)

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Welcome to UK Yankee -A poem!!
« on: February 01, 2003, 12:35:55 PM »
Hi there newbies  
We're glad you are here  
We're so glad to meet you  
De-lurk with good cheer!  
We're happy to see you  
We want to be pals  
Everyone’s welcome  
Whether you're guys or gals.  
We hope you can stay  
And we hope you'll take part  
But first a few words  
That come straight from the heart.  
The moderators are special  
But don't enforce rules  
They're just here to play  
On this grand ship of fools.  
They'll answer your questions  
They could be your friends  
But when they slip up  
Like the rest, make amends.  
Sometimes things might get heated  
Our words may seem rough  
But please don't start flaming  
Or leave in a huff.  
Just send us a note  
Say the words weren't good  
It could just well be  
That they were just misunderstood.  
If we can keep talking  
There's no need to flame  
To say nasty words  
Or to hand out the blame.  
And now, we wish you well  
And bid you godspeed  
And please let us know  
If there's something you need.  
We'll give you heaps of cuddles  
We'll help you have fun  
We hope that your time here  
Will not soon be done!  
And tell us about YOU  
We’re looking forward    
To your Grand Debut.  
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--Robert E. Lee

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