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Topic: MTV show looking for lovely American/Canadian girls in need of a confidence boos  (Read 2003 times)

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We are working on a fantastic, confidence-boosting makeover show for MTV and are looking for American/Canadian girls aged 17-23 who are a bit shy and would love to be shown their real potential.

What the show involves:

- Filming in London
- Lots of confidence-boosting and adrenaline-filled fun challenges
- An all-expenses-paid trip to an overseas location
- An amazing shopping trip and a whole bunch of new clothes
- Hair and makeup by top stylists
- A date in a dream location with someone you like but have never had the confidence to tell

If you are single, living in the UK and have a valid passport - get in touch now!

You'll get the fairy-godmother treatment from our fabulous presenter and the show is all about making girls feel great about themselves.

Otherwise, maybe you know someone else perfect for this...

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