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Topic: Stereo System Search  (Read 1408 times)

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Stereo System Search
« on: October 08, 2013, 11:51:33 AM »
Ok, I'm not a big sound system buff, so I need some help searching for what I want.

I want a sound system (not one that does the surround sound for the tv) that can do the following:

1. Play CDs/DVDs (normal cd's and mp3 cd's that I create)
2. Has an FM radio tuner
3. Can connect to wifi to stream Pandora or other musical subscription service
4. Can connect (bluetooth or wifi?) to laptop to play itunes or other playlists
5. I can dock my ipod to it
6. Has a decent sound quality, but doesn't take up a huge amount of shelf space.
7. Has a remote control
8. Reasonably priced...maybe under 150gbp?

This will probably go in living room so we can play music. And I'd like to look somewhat 'cool' as well. Basically I'm thinking of a modern day boombox!  ;D

I have no idea what search terms to use on Google to find something, or what stores here might carry a selection of systems to check out. Any suggestions?
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Re: Stereo System Search
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2013, 08:46:15 PM »

Overall I think you'll struggle to find a device with ALL of those requirements, especially at under £150!

'Decent' Sound Quality is very personal, what sounds good to you might not to me/someone else for instance. Digital Radio for the UK is becoming more and more popular and FM/AM is due to be phased out completely once a certain market saturation level happens - quite close currently and the government is due to make a 'switchoff' date soon. No one knows exactly when though currently, but it is on the cards.

Take a look here -

And also look at the multi room, streaming and systems sections as well.

For me, if the budget was increased, you could get all of what you want features wise by building a small 'bookshelf' type hifi separates system which sound quality wise would substantially outperform one of the Digital Radio type offerings. I understand that you may well not wish to spend much more so would knock that idea out completely. There 'might' be something out there which has everything, so you'll need to keep looking and researching etc.

In short, if you do want 'good' or 'better performance' audio quality, then I think you'll likely not find anything. If you sacrifice quality for the convenience factor, I think you'll pick something up under or near'ish to your set budget.

Cheers, DtM! West London & Slough UK!

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