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Topic: Using a US Ceiling light in the UK? Help neded!  (Read 1282 times)

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Using a US Ceiling light in the UK? Help neded!
« on: November 26, 2014, 08:48:14 PM »
Hello, looking for some advice. I've found a very nice ceiling light (chandelier) in the US and want to use it here in the UK. Now I know some US electrics run off a 110 voltage.

Would this chandelier work? If not is there anything we can do to alter it?

Thank you for any help!  ;D

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Re: Using a US Ceiling light in the UK? Help neded!
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2014, 07:41:46 AM »
Probably, if it has heavy duty wiring; the 'lamp cord' wiring in some US fixtures isn't quite enough. But having said that, so many things are made in China or wherever for sales to multiple markets so the internal wiring is pretty standard.

If you look at the wiring for almost any UK light fixture, aside from the rating for the wiring, it
is essentially the same. Obviously bulbs need to be rated for 220-240V as voltage here will 'blow' a bulb from the US. At one time you had to search for Edison screw bulbs here, but no more; they are available everywhere.

At worst you might need to re-wire, but even that is pretty easy - literally running color coded wires from the bulb area to the base. The only thing that might be an issue is the ground wire. Fixtures in the US are typically 2-wire, whereas here there is a short ground wire that's normally attached to the base (doesn't run to the bulbs).
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