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spouse visa checklist please
« on: May 19, 2017, 01:38:42 PM »
i just done with preparing document for spouse visa

my sponser has a baby and baby is living separated from him. with mother
also he is deaf. he doesn't have income report
but he is recieving dla and esa which is around 180 pound a week.
please let me know if there is missing

-English test result
-application online form
-vsia appointment confirm email
-travel history for 10 years ( depart, arrive, purpose, country)
-passport, copy of passport
-2 new passport picture
-lhs reciept
- flight ticket to uk

-cover letter
-collor copy of passport
-letter from parents allowing us to live their house
-house land registry
-3 bills letter from (parents and sponser ) - it is january mail
-12MONTH bank statements showing dla and esa history
-his baby birth certificate(uk citizen), mother's letter saying she has all financial responsibility from baby.

-marriage certificate
-marriage pictures
-pictures of travel we both with
-travel history we both came
-whats app history
(he is deaf , so we doesnt have call or text history.. and email)

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