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Today's Jeremy Vine programme - R2
« on: November 30, 2017, 06:18:09 PM »
ZOMG - did anyone catch the first half of Jeremy Vine today?  They were talking about Trump and the Britain First re-tweets.  A really sane, sensible American guy comes on and gives his views on Trump (hates him), and then the next caller is an unhinged Scottish woman who believes that Trump is good and righteous and being led by the Holy Spirit, among other things.  [smiley=lipsrsealed2.gif] WTAF?!?!

Classic Vine moment also, where he actually says 'grab'em by the *bleep*' instead of using some other euphemism, and it didn't get bleeped out!

If  you didn't hear it, it's on iPlayer, Radio 2, Jeremy Vine, starting at about 24 minutes past noon.

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