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Topic: 3 year rabies vaccine  (Read 4013 times)

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3 year rabies vaccine
« on: February 21, 2019, 06:19:17 PM »

Full disclosure I am a vet and not some dummy who hasn't been paying attention to things...

The USDA just informed me that my 14.5 year old dog who has been consistently vaccinated all his life and is biologically well protected against rabies (based on what we know about how long vaccines actually last in most pets) actually does not meet the requirements to get into the UK since there was a 9 day lapse between his vaccine in 2014 and 2017 so they may consider the vaccine he was given only good for 1 year and not 3 years even though a vet would consider it good for 3 years.

Just get revaccinated 21 days before you go if your pet hasn't been vaccinated in the year prior to going. I hate to recommend that since pets to get vaccine reactions etc.

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Re: 3 year rabies vaccine
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2019, 12:44:41 PM »
That's extremely annoying. When I arrived with my dog in the UK, he had just had a three year vaccine done a few months prior. The pet people at Heathrow told me that while the three year vaccine is fine to come into the country on, that if I wanted him to get a pet passport to travel the rest of Europe, he'd have to get a new vaccine done in the UK as they most likely wouldn't recognize the three year vaccine that he had just been treated with.
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Re: 3 year rabies vaccine
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2019, 05:49:00 PM »
hmm. That is odd. My vet in Devon was just fine with a US 3 year rabies.

Anyways, I made it into France just fine and to England via France with absolutely no problems at all. France recognises the 3 year rabies vaccine and trusts the vet who did the health certificate as well.

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