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Topic: Foods you miss...  (Read 375 times)

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Foods you miss...
« on: April 13, 2019, 09:33:42 AM »

OMG. What I'd give some days for a Taco Bell burrito.  Last time we were stateside, which was two years ago, we stopped at a Taco Bell (I had to drag my son into one as he's british born and hates mexican food) and I devoured a burrito while he sat there looking bored and slightly annoyed, and it was bliss. We then went next door and got him some pizza margarita lol.

Some other things I would love to have

- Fruity Pebbles cereal
- Bear claw pastries
- American style donuts (although you can get the chocolate ones in Spain)
- Crunchy Cheetos, original and flaming hot, American style (they attempt crunchy cheetos over here, but they aren't very nice)
- Hot tamales candies
- More salad dressings as most of the ones here are dire, thank God for Paul Newman lol

And yes, you can buy some American foods here, a lot more than what you could buy twenty years ago (like flour tortillas, which weren't available when I first moved here), but so much you still can't get here. And I've always wondered why Lucky Charms is one of the only American cereals you can easily buy here as an import. I find that really weird and I never liked Lucky Charms lol

I have also found the few American foods websites based in the UK pretty useless. They are usually sold out of most of their inventory. I go onto these sites once in a while, and it's always the same, greyed out items not available. Even when they email you advertising new inventory or a sale

So if you have family back home who are willing to send you your favourites, and can afford the extortionate postage, you are lucky. Although sometimes they are seized or at least opened by customs.

But there's good news... it's just become easy to find that Green Tabasco sauce, which I love, but for ages you couldn't get it here. But recently Aldi had a load of them for sale at just £1.49 a bottle. I bought around 20. How greedy, right?

What are some of the foods you wish were available here?

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Re: Foods you miss...
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2019, 09:46:44 AM »
Taco. bell is here! https://www.tacobelluk.co.uk/find-us

I miss the Thai food place I used to live close to... and decent bagels.
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Re: Foods you miss...
« Reply #2 on: April 13, 2019, 10:28:23 AM »
I feel like my old city was a magical oasis for great affordable restaurants compared to things here. We had amazing Chinese (even gluten free), Vietnamese, Sushi/japanese, Mexican (the real stuff), BBQ, Ethiopian, Thai, ramen, so many independent coffee shops and your American sub shops etc. Also real farmers markets. I really miss it.

The garden shop about 10 minutes from me actually has a fairly good American selection but it's too expensive for me to justify most of the time. I treat myself to pickles and Swedish fish.

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