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Topic: Step-down voltage converters  (Read 3046 times)

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Step-down voltage converters
« on: May 28, 2020, 12:28:59 PM »
We have three of these and will only be taking one with us on our return to the USA:

One has hardly been used - it was tasked with being in the sewing room and so has only powered the Kenmore sewing machine and the Singer serger. Works great.  One has been on constantly for almost three years, running some aquarium equipment, occasionally a Nintendo or Wii, and a Roku set, and my audio turntable.  One has been dedicated to my PC, and a few peripherals. 

They are very quiet. I use a long American extension cord on the one set up for the aquarium and power four different items off of it. (The one catch is that you cannot use an extension cord with any form of surge protector in it with these units.) There are two USA output plugs on the back. Works great for American Christmas lights, too.  ;D The transformers come with a UK cord to plug into the UK mains.

This particular wattage (1,100) unit does not seem to be still available on Amazon, although there are higher and lower ones still for sale. They weigh about 5.8kg boxed, so you'll want to figure the cost of shipping into your offer. (And any insurance you might want to have on it during transit.)  Will consider a reasonable offer, factoring in their age.

Please PM me if interested - on is available to ship now, and the second should be available to ship in about a month.

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