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Topic: Putting this here as it is NHS related, any official news on fee over ride?  (Read 1162 times)

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Hello! I read an article that the UK gov has made a statement they will override the fee on visas for overseas NHS workers. I want to know if this has been printed anywhere in an official capacity ( have not found it). I am a pharmacy worker and we have been classed in what I would believe fits this agenda. My renewal is due in Oct and if I could save that money and know the sooner the better! I know they were trying to hash out who would qualify. Any new official news?

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There are news items on this but I don't where to look for it to be official.

This news item on when he announced it end of May:


...and this one from yesterday saying that it had still not been implemented.


Those applying for new visas said officials have told them they cannot guarantee fees paid now would be refunded. Others are being told that the rule will only apply to the workers and not their immediate families.

The date of when fees will be scrapped is still not known and guidance has not yet been released by the Department of Health and Social Care. Doctors have also been given conflicting information saying the rule only applies to people renewing from within the UK.

It comes after a spokesperson said in May that Johnson had asked the Home Office and the health and care department to remove NHS and care workers from the surcharge “as soon as possible”.

The Royal College of Nursing has written to the prime minister to confirm that all health and care workers will be exempt from the charge on a permanent basis, including those employed in the NHS, independent settings and the social care sector.

They also asked for confirmation that the spouses and dependants of health and care workers will also be exempt and that health and care staff that have paid the charge in advance will be refunded.

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Thank you! If you find out anything further please keep me posted! I wish they would just flat out say it is waivered instead of dancing around it but that is the way of all governments are lol!

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The Health and Care visa was announced weeks ago and started this week; lower visa fees and no Immigration Health Surchage.  The same for their dependants (partner and their children under age 18).

The "no IHS" bit for these, is in the secondary legislation being used to bring in the IHS £624 and £470 and the link to that has been on uk-yankee before

The Health and Care visa is a  highly skilled, Tier 2 (General) visa.
e.g must have a  CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship) from an employer who can sponsor for this visa; must be on a set code (as all those on a Tier 2 General already are) and be a certain profession;  must provide a criminal record check from their own country and from countries they have been living in; etc
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