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Topic: How do I keep my New York drivers licence when I do not intend to move back?  (Read 302 times)

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Hi! I was not sure where to post this topic but I was wondering how to keep my NY driver's license from not expiring when I do not intend to drive here ( plenty of transport here so no need for us at the moment).  I does not expire for another year or so but i want to be able to drive when I go back to visit in the future. I sometimes use it with my American bank account as a form of ID since I have a foreign phone number as well. Any ideas how I can keep this current? My best friend still lives at the address we shared so I could use his but I do not know the legality of that and I do not want it to reflect that I live there when I dont. Thanks! x

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Not sure you can, legally.  Unless you are in the military or some excepted government service positions, you have to be a resident in NY to possess a valid NY driving license.  If you are temporarily absent from NY it remains valid. If you've set up your home elsewhere, it would not. That being said, if you are not going for one of the "Real ID" ones, but just a standard DL renewal, you may be able to do it online or via the mail. You might look at:  https://dmv.ny.gov/how-renew-license

I don't know if they would accept a vision test by a foreign eye-care provider. Or if you can even get in to see one there during the lock-down. See  https://dmv.ny.gov/driver-license/vision-information
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