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Topic: Latest Shows You've Started?  (Read 30353 times)

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Re: Latest Shows You've Started?
« Reply #720 on: May 13, 2020, 01:05:04 PM »
By the way, has anyone else watched Okja on Netflix?   Kiss of Death and Rick and I were supposed to watch it and then comment on Dischord but I couldn't get back on Dischord for technical reasons.  What did you guys say about it? 

I thought it certainly deserved it's 7.3 on IMDB, OK but not really all that great.  A weird mix of cutesy kid's movie with scary anti-meat violence thrown in.  Also didn't like the assumption that the little girl could learn enough English to speak and understand  just by reading a book on the plane.  Must be because all Asians are super smart.

I started it a while ago but didn't get very far. I think I was scared it was going to get too sad...

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